Giáo án English centre

Giáo án English centre



Cấu trúc: S + V1 + O


1. Đối với chủ ngữ là HE / SHE / IT / tên riêng một người / khi đó V1 sẽ được thêm S/ ES

2. Ta thêm ES khi động từ tận cùng là : S / Sh / Ch / O .

3. Đối với các chủ ngữ I / WE / YOU / THEY và tên riêng của 2 người trở lên V1 vẫn giữ nguyên.

1. Tom ___________ at the library ( work ).

2. The Earth ___________ round ( be )

3. My brother ___________ classical music ( love )

4. We ___________to music every day. ( listen )

5. My husband ___________TV most evenings. ( watch )

6. They usually ___________ at home on Saturdays and Sundays. ( stay )

7. I ___________ my teeth after every meal ( brush )

8. John ___________ tennis every day ( play )

9. You ___________ very happy ( look )

10. My father always ___________ very early in the morning ( get up )

Rewrite the following sentences as directed:


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Cấu trúc: S + V1 + O 
CHÚ Ý : 
Đối với chủ ngữ là HE / SHE / IT / tên riêng một người / khi đó V1 sẽ được thêm S/ ES
Ta thêm ES khi động từ tận cùng là : S / Sh / Ch / O.
Đối với các chủ ngữ I / WE / YOU / THEY và tên riêng của 2 người trở lên V1 vẫn giữ nguyên. 
Tom ___________ at the library ( work ). 
The Earth ___________ round ( be ) 
My brother ___________ classical music ( love ) 
We ___________to music every day. ( listen ) 
My husband ___________TV most evenings. ( watch ) 
They usually ___________ at home on Saturdays and Sundays. ( stay ) 
I ___________ my teeth after every meal ( brush ) 
John ___________ tennis every day ( play ) 
You ___________ very happy ( look ) 
My father always ___________ very early in the morning ( get up ) 
Rewrite the following sentences as directed: 
1. I go to college on my bike. ( she ) 
E She goes to college on her bike. 
2. They take the dogs for a walk every day. ( John ) 
3. I always listen to the radio in the morning. ( she ) 
4. I watch TV most evenings. ( My father ) 
5. We do a lot of homework in the evenings. ( Mary ) 
6. They study very hard at the weekend ( He ) 
7. I never wash my car ( She ) 
8. I teach history and geography ( My friend John ) 
9. I usually buy all the food. ( My wife ) 
10. I carry the shopping for my grandmother. ( He ) 
Arrange the following sentences: 
the mountains / never / we / go to 
often / she / writes to me. 
on Saturday afternoons / the boys / play / always 
usually / arrives late / the bus. 
go to bed / often / before 11 / we. 
never / in the evening / drinks coffee / she. 
it / in the summer / doesn’t / often / rain. 
read book / I / always / slowly 
usually / my father / by bus / goes to work 
at the weekend / always / go to the beach / we. 
µ Cấu trúc phủ định: 
S + DON’T / DOESN’T + V0 +.
Khi muốn phủ định, ta mượn trợ động từ : Don’t / Doesn’t
Khi chủ từ là HE / SHE / IT doesn’t + V0
Khi chủ ngữ là I / WE / YOU / THEY don’t + V0
µ Khi đặt câu hỏi: 
Does + HE / SHE / IT + V0 +
Yes, he / she / it + does. 
No, he / she / it + doesn’t 
Do + I / WE / YOU / THEY + V0 +
Yes, I / we / you / they + do 
No, I / we / you / they + don’t. 
µCHÚ Ý: 
Vo: động từ ở dạng nguyên mẫu không “ TO” 
V1: động từ ở thì hiệntại đơn 
Put in the blanks with: do / does / don’t / doesn’t
_____________ the students study hard every day? 
_____________ Mr. Brown go to his office every day? 
Mr. Johnson _____________ have a private office. 
_____________ he come from south America? 
Smith and Green _____________ teach English at this school 
That tall man _____________ work for this company. 
_____________ Johnson and Wilson work in the same office? 
_____________ those two woman understand the lesson? 
These exercises _____________ seem very difficult. 
_____________ the children go to bed early? 
Put in the blanks with: do / does / don’t / doesn’t
____________ she live with her parents? – Yes, she ____________
____________you like your job? – No, I ____________ 
____________ I speak Italian well? Yes, you ____________ 
____________ you drive to work? – No, I ____________ 
____________ they work hard at the university? – Yes, they____________ 
____________Mary smoke? – No, she____________ 
____________we usually give her a birthday present? – No, we ____________ 
____________your sister visit you often? – yes, she ____________ 
____________you write your parents every week? – No, I ____________ 
____________ he help you very much? – yes, he____________ 
Change into negative form:
She works very hard. 
She doesn’t work very hard. 
It usually snows here in the winter. 
I like a big breakfast in the morning. 
The film starts very early. 
He swims every morning. 
They always open the windows at night. 
We often see our neighbor’s s in the garden. 
Tom walks to school very morning. 
These young children learn very quickly. 
My sister goes on holiday every year. 
Change into questions: Chuyển sang câu hỏi 
The shop closes at 5:00. 
Does the shop close at 5:00? ( động từ close đã mất S ) 
They go swimming every weekend. 
She speaks English very well. 
Mary never goes to school late. 
Tom learns Japanese at Tokyo University. 
Tony often plays gold on Sundays. 
His friends visit him in the evenings. 
We go to the supermarket on Saturdays. 
The children play football on the beach every morning. 
Tom and Mary have a party next week. 
Complete the following sentences: 
where / you / work? 
Where do you work? 
What / your sister / do? 
What does your sister do? 
what music / your husband / like? 
when / she / do her homework? 
Why / we / learn physics? 
Who / she / teach? 
How / you / turn on the TV? 
How often / you / go to the movies? 
Why / John / always go to the class late? 
What / those men / drink in the evening? 
Cấu trúc: 
µS + TO BE + V – ING
µI + AM + V-ING 
µHE / SHE / IT + IS + V- ING 
Put the verbs in brackets into Present continuous: 
We ________________English program. ( learn ) 
Mary ________________ a new dress today ( wear ) 
Tom and Mary ________________on the beach ( not walk ) 
I ________________ sandwiches for the party to night ( make ) 
You ________________ very hard today. ( not work ) 
Mike ________________ his wife in hospital. ( visit ) 
The boys ________________ a small house ( build ) 
We ________________ in America just now ( not live ) 
I ________________ a book at the moment ( not read ) 
The woman ________________ loudly in the hall ( talk ) 
Cấu trúc: 
µS + TO BE + NOT+ V – ING
µI + AM + NOT + V-ING 
µHE / SHE / IT + IS + NOT + V- ING 
Put in the blanks with : am / is / are / ‘m not / isn’t / aren’t. 
________________ it raining outside? – No, it ________________
________________the children playing outside? – Yes, they ________________ 
________________ you doing your homework now? – Yes, I _______________
________________ I hurting you? – No, you ________________ 
________________ she waving to us- Yes, she ________________ 
________________they coming here? – No, they ________________ 
________________your neighbors moving out? – No, they________________ 
________________ John helping you with your homework? – Yes, he ________
________________ these people working here? – Yes, they________________ 
Your parents helping you with your homework? - Yes, they ________________
Cấu trúc: 
µS + TO BE + V – ING
µ AM + I + V-ING ? 
µIS + HE / SHE / IT + V- ING ?
 FNO, HE / SHE / IT + IS + NOT 
µARE + WE / YOU / THEY + V-ING ?
Arrange these sentences: 
1. What / she / do? 
What is she doing? 
2. You / learn / English at school? 
3. What book / you / read? 
4. I / speak / clearly? 
5. Why / we / sit in the dark? 
6. What / you / sell? 
7. They / dance together? 
8. Why / he / run so fast? 
9. Where / they / wait? 
10. The plane / land now? 
 ... 	C. bearing 	D. applying 
14. Some people are queuing outside the cinema. 
	A. running 	B. talking 	C. standing in line 	D. shouting 
15. I always watch the quiz show. It is my ____________ programme. 
	A. comfortable 	B. prefererable 	C. favorite 	D. interested 
16. She can never complete her studies. 
	A. achieve high score for 	B. finish 
	C. fill up 	D. succeed 
17. Don’t ask such ____________ questions as “ How old are you “ or “ How much do you earn? “ 
	A. individual 	B. private 	C. personal 	D. separate 
18. They want to know your address and your occupation. 
	A. religion 	B. profession 	C. destination 	D. hobby 
19. The little car consumes less petrol – it is more ____________ 
	A. powerful 	B. comfortable 	C. luxurious 	D. economical 
20. Every day terry eats enormous breakfast before he goes to work. 
	A. a big 	B. an expensive 	C. a simple 	D. a delicous 
21. He is very ____________ : he tell you that he doesn’t know the answer if he really doesn’t. 
	A. reliable 	B. believable 	C. stable 	D. honest 
22. A: ____________? B: Once a week. 
	A. How often 	B. How much do you want 	
	C. are you sure 	D. When will you get there 
23. This is Mary’s third accident this year. She is a very ____________ driver. 
	A. impatient 	B. unconfident 	C. careless 	D. unfriendly 
24. Tim is a careless driver. He drives fats carelessly, and ____________
	A. poor 	B. bad 	C. well 	D. badly 
25. Alan leaves at 8 and ____________ at his office at 8:30 every day. 
	A. comes 	B. reaches 	C. goes 	D. arrives 
26. I’m ____________ to buy a new house next year 
	A. deciding 	B. intending 	C. getting 	D. planning 
27. A: What is the service there____________? 
B: “ Excellent “ 
	A. 	B. like 	C. on 	D. about 
28. I want to change this pullover. It is ____________ size. 
	A. wrong 	B. the wrong 	C. false 	D. the false 
29. I think my change is ____________ I need another 10 cents. 
	A. wrong 	B. faulty 	C. inaccurate 	D. false 
30. Although the journey was not a holiday, we didn’t have any serious problem. 
	A. funny 	B. small 	C. important 	D. urgent 
31. We missed the last bus home and we had to go back on ____________ 
	A. foot 	B. feet 	C. leg 	D. legs 
32. My wife never ____________ perfume. 
	A. wear 	B. carry 	C. wears 	D. carries 
33. Canada has an area of over ten million ____________ km. 
	A. 	B. in 	C. by 	D. square 
34. I have been the champion for ten years and I’m going to____________ the champion for a ten. 
	A. 	B. act 	C. stay 	D. become 
35. I’m dreadfully sorry. I’ve ruined your carpet. 
	A. burnt 	B. damaged ..completely 
	C. made .dirty 	D. stained 
36. Take a holiday. GO to ____________ quiet and peaceful. 
	A. where 	B. the place 	C. which 	D. somewhere 
For questions from 37 – 45 in each sentence three of the words have something in common. Find the word which doesn’t belong with the other three. 
37. Which word should not belong to this list ?
	A. tall 	B. medium 	C. short 	D. heavy 
38. Which word should not belong to this list ?
	A. beard 	B. wrist 	C. mustache 	D. nose 
39. Which word should not belong to this list ?
	A. happened 	B. frightened 	C. scared 	D. terrified 
40. Which word should not belong to this list ?
	A. marvelous 	B. excellent 	C. wonderful 	D. well known 
41. Which word should not belong to this list ?
	A. car 	B. lorry 	C. truck 	D. van 
42. Which word should not belong to this list ?
	A. savage 	B. wild 	C. friendly 	D. cruel 
43. Which word should not belong to this list ?
	A. family 	B. group 	C. member 	D. crown 
45. Which word should not belong to this list ?
	A. snake 	B. fox 	C. bear 	D. dog 
Questions 46 – 55 are based on part of the conversation taking place at the Army Careers Office. 
46. A: Good morning. Are you a new cleaner? 
 B: No. I’m not I want to ___________ the army. 
	A. unite 	B. join 	C. attend 	D. take part 
47. A: What ! You! In the army? 
 B: Yes, I want _____________ a soldier 
	A. to 	B. I am 	C. to be 	D. become 
48. A: I see..Sit down, sir. Please tell me ___________ you know that the Army Careers Office here. 
	A. how 	B. how do 	C. why 	D. why do 
49. B: Well I __________ the “ ad “ on television last night. 
	A. saw 	B. observed 	C. looked 	D. attended 
50. A: It’s a good life in the army it’s ________________ life 
	a. man 	B. man’s 	C. the man’s 	D. a man’s 
51. : B: Ah! 
 A: Now, have you got any _____________ Mr.Mr...? 
	A. problem 	B. proplems 	C. question 	D. questions 
52. B: Briggs.Tommy Briggs . Well, yes.__________I have to get a hair cut? 
	A. 	B. can 	C. Ought 	D. will 
53. A: A hair cut. Oh yes certainly. And you’ll have to ___________uniform. 
	A. put on 	B. wear 	C. change 	D. dress 
54. B: And what about_______________?
	A. profession 	B. accommodation 	C. commission 	D. promotion 
55. A: Oh yes. There are a lot of ___________ Perhaps you’ll be a general one day. 
	A. opportunities 	B. chances 	C. occasions 	D. luck 
For questions from 56 – 65 you are asked to choose the option ( A, B, C, D ) that best fits each of the spaces below. 
Christmas is a(n) (56)_____________ holiday for ( 57) _____________ people in the United States. It is the ( 58) _____________ of the birth of Christ. People in the U.S prepare many ( 59) _____________ Christmas food from all ( 60) _____________ the world. Many Christmas specialties fruitcake and eggnog ( 61) _____________ form Great Britain. Americans ( 62) _____________ fruitcakes with fruits, nuts, and liquor. Eggnog is a drink ( 63) _____________ eggs, milk, and sometimes rum. Americans ( 64) _____________ eat a lot of Christmas cookies, which are the small flat sweet cakes ( 65) _____________ until crisp. 
56 	A. official 	B. serious 	C. important 	D. extraordinary 
57. 	A. many 	B. 	C. a few 	D. majority of 
58. 	A. memorization 	B. realization 	C. celebration 	D. institution 
59. 	A. strange 	B. special 	C. variety 	D. particular 
60. 	A. in 	B. of 	C. above 	D. over 
61. 	A. come 	B. comes 	C. start 	D. starts 
62. 	A. make 	B. produce 	C. manufacture 	D. create 
63. 	A. with 	B. out of 	C. of 	D. by 
64. 	A. besides 	B. however 	C. also 	D. moreover 
65. 	A. bake 	B. baked 	C. that bake 	D. baking 
For questions from 66 – 75 you are asked to choose the option ( A, B, C, D ) that best fits each of the spaces below. 
You don’t have to ( 66) ___________ a lot of money at a pharmacy to ( 67) ___________ a cold. There are many old remedies that are just ( 68 ) ___________ the newer ones. For example, my grandmother always ( 69 ) ___________ us to drink honey and lemon juice ( 70 ) ___________ hot water when we had coughs. People ( 71 ) ___________ natural medicine now ( 72 ) ___________ that lemon juice is good for colds because it kills germs. I’m not sure ( 73 ) ___________ honey is good fro colds, but I always feel better after I take it. In addition, my mother ( 74 ) ___________ put me in a room full of steam to help me ( 75 ) ___________ better when I had a cold. I think honey, lemon juice, and steam are safer than chemicals with long names I can’t pronounce. 
66. 	A. send 	B. spend 	C. consume 	D. lose 
67. 	A. treat 	B. serve 	C. get away 	D. get over 
68. 	A. the same as 	B. as good as 	C. like 	D. similar to 
69. 	A. made 	B. helped 	C. decided 	D. advised 
70. 	A. for 	B. on 	c. in 	D 
71. 	A. study 	B. studied 	C. who study 	D. who are studying 
72. 	A. say 	B. mention 	C. tell 	D. talk 
73. 	A. what 	B. why 	C. about 	D. that 
74. 	A. 	B. used to 	C. should 	D. will 
75. 	a. breath 	B. breathe 	C. breathing 	D. 
76. There ___________ no water in this village since last week. 
	A. is 	B. was 	C. were 	D. has been 
77. I’ll have a presentation ___________ Tuesday 19st 
	A 	B. on 	C. at 	D. in 
78. Mark is always afraid ___________ traveling by air. 
	A. with 	B. at 	C. of 	D. by 
79. They showed his photograph ___________ television . 
	A. in 	B. at 	C. on 	D. by 
80. I was so frightened that I didn’t know what ___________ do. 
	A. should I 	B. I will 	C. to 	D. I can 
81. ___________ I didn’t trust him. I agreed to go with him. 
	A. However 	B. Although	C. Until 	D. Moreover 
82. I won’t go ___________ you explain everything to me. 
	A. unless 	B. when 	C. although 	D. while 
83. I enjoyed all the cities on the tour, but the one I enjoyed ___________ was Los Angeles, California. 
	A. at all 	B. top 	C. completely 	D. most 
84. The film was so ___________ that we left the cinema early. 
	a. bore 	B. bored 	C. boring 	D. much bore 
85. Pat is going to buy a car and ___________ 
	A. so does Kate 	B. so is Kate 	C. so Kate does 	D. so Kate is 
86. The teacher has ___________ left the classroom. 
	A. still 	B. already 	C. lately 	D. yet 
87. Susan is the ___________ of the two girls. 
	A. pretty 	B. prettier 	C. prettiest 	D. most pretty 
88. If she didn’t change his mind, she ___________ never ___________ 
	a. will / succeed 	B. would / succeeds 	C. will / succeeds 	D. would / succeed
89. He is going to have his car___________ 
	A. to service 	B. service 	C. services 	D. serviced 
90. he owes you a lot of money, ___________ ? 
	A. does he 	B. doesn’t he 	C. hasn’t he 	D. shouldn’t he 
91. It is rude to laugh ___________ elderly people. 
	A. at 	B. for 	C. in 	D. as 
92. Please hurry! A lot of people ___________ for you. 
	A. wait 	B. are waiting 	C. waited 	D. were waiting 
93. We all thanked her ___________ us to the party. 
	A. to invite 	B. for inviting 	C. to have invited 	D. for being invited 
94. They had their own friends, who were quite different from___________ 
	A. our 	B. our’s 	C. us’s 	D. ours 
95. If you join us we can get there___________ 
	A. one another 	B. together 	C. with one another 	D. with each other 
96. We ___________ not to start until the guide told to us 
	A. advise 	B. advised 	C. were advised 	D. are advised 
97. Please tell ___________ touch that small button 
	A. not to 	B. him not to 	C. to him not 	D. him to not 
98. I asked ___________ really wanted to change the plan. 
	A. him if 	B. if he 	C. so he 	D. if he may 
99. Our flat is very small. We wish we ___________ one that is much bigger. 
	A. have 	B. had 	C. have had 	D. will have 
100. Let him ___________ whatever he wants. 
	A. to have 	B. have 	C. has 	D. having 
1. I’ll meet you at half past nine. 
	A. 9:15 	B. 15:09 	C. 9:30	D. 9:45 
2. The car is seriously damaged. It’s ______________
	A. waste less	B. useless 	C. economical 	D. essential 
3. she was so furious that she couldn’t help shouting at him. 
	A. moved 	B. angry 	C. worried 	D. anxious 
4. The salaries are fantastic. I am going to apply for that job. 
	A. excellent 	B. good 	C. OK 	D. acceptable 
5. He seems to ignore whatever we say to him. 
	A. to follow 	B. to take seriously 	C. not to follow 	D. not to pay attention to 
6. Martha bought a (n) luxury car last month. 
	A. good 	B. nice 	C. economical 	D. e

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